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Venetian Plaster applications for home interiors.
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  Embedded Glazing used in a Faux Finish is the style of getting glaze to embed itself into the base layer to achieve a deeper and more organic feel. It adds an extra dimension to any Faux Finish or Decorative Painting concept and expands it's potential. Used to mimic Old World Fresco painting, it is an excellent technique to age a wall all on it's own or as a base layer, giving a foundation to more advanced and intricate faux finishing techniques.

Interlaced with metallics it can be quite stunning and bold, applicable not only to walls in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and dens, but perfectly at home on columns, stairs, doors....whatever you can imagine. As an accent wall, an Embedded Faux Finish mixed with several colors can give the room the impact and drama that other faux finishes may lack. As Faux Finishes become more and more complex in NJ, selective use of these finishes as accents on panels and focal point walls is increasing.

Another faux technique that is becoming a staple for us is the use of Old World Fresco in many shapes and forms. Other companies may talk a good game about it, but we actually use it and have years of experience coming up with interesting concepts and colorations. There is no company in Central New Jersey that even comes close to our creativety with this fabulous product, period. It has a great organic element to it that is a perfect backdrop to marble faux finishes, old stone setups, even the base of murals. In metallic variants it is downright stunning as a faux finish. It is something that Interior Designers should not overlook when thinking of possibilities for any given room.

One thing I always tell my clients when viewing all samples. "They are all custom colored by hand. Concentrate on the feel and general look of the finish, how busy or soft it is. If it has the correct feel for the room you are envisioning it in. After that hurdle, the colors used can be changed completely, or shifted just slightly. The texture can be made more or less busy. It is all adjustable when samples are made. These are not cookie cutter finishes but custom hand made wall finishes. It is the feel of the finish first in relation to the room and it's elements, then the fine tuning can begin."

Please select a faux painting technique or decorative finish from the samples on the right and it's larger format and description will appear on the left with the text shown below.


An earth toned example of a multi layer and multi colored faux finish. This makes a bold statement on any wall, utilized in an entire room or simply on a single wall as an accent in a family room. A great wall treatment for an accent wall over a brick fireplace often found in NJ, NY and PA.
Embedded earth tones, subdued gold, and sienna marble colors make a striking multi layer faux finish. As layers build, a loose faux marble look starts to show. In this form, this faux finish technique works well in small areas and great for those marble columns in new homes in New Jersey, New York and PA.
That's right, we're still in NJ! Another example showing multi layers and colors in a Faux Finish. The Caribbean Blue Colors show the range that creative Decorative Painting can have. You are not bound to normal earth tones that many faux and decorative companies can't seem to get past.
Here is a similar color palette and Embedding Faux Technique as the Caribbean Sample Faux Finish above it, but with a wonderful iridescent Pearl paint background. Metallic background colors add a great punch and depth to various faux finishes. Perfect for powder rooms, baby rooms, cool baths.
Another color variation of an Embedded Faux Painting Technique. Lots of Pastel colors, most in the pink range give an example of the color range that complex faux finishing can have. The very close shades interlace perfectly. Perfect for a NJ babies room.
A beautiful use of Embedding a Faux Finishing Technique to mimic Granite. Counters in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania can be made as a Faux Granite. This Faux Technique is mostly applicable to flat surfaces.
An Old World Faux Fresco finish that fits in any Tuscany style room in NJ, NY, PA....anywhere for that matter. This is a very adaptable faux fresco finish that can be used in many ways. Great for a Tuscany feel in a Powder Room or Kitchen. Cozy and inviting for a Family Room or Den.
Deep base colors with Gold Faux Fresco is simply stunning. Extremely popular in NJ, this faux finish is complex without being overwhelming. A great addition to kitchens and baths.
A stunning Metallic Blue Fresco Faux Finish. The organic patterns add an Old World feel to New World style. This finish was used in the Russian Tea Room in NY.
Royal looking Red Metallic Fresco Faux Finish adorned with a drop shadow gold Oriental stencil. Impact for that bathroom in NJ.
The depth of iridescence is incredible in this Metallic Green Fresco Faux Fiish example. On it's own, it is a great idea for columns and accent areas.
Spanish Gold. A great blend of Old World and Metallics. The mustardy depth of this faux finish is classic.
Metallic Fresco Faux Finishing at it's finest. A combination of Gold and Copper over a deep background. This sample shows the delicate interplay of tertiary colors that take place as the pigments meld together. Very popular in New Jersey homes, in kitchens, baths or dens.


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