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Venetian Plaster applications for home interiors.
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Textured Wall Finishes for NJ, NY, PA
  Taking things to the next level in finishes, Classic Wall Works specializes in applying subtle to complex Textures to any wall or surface. Replicating Old World Stone, Pitted Stone Walls and Columns, Tuscany Broken Plaster, or creating any unique finish that will fit your room's look and feel, the idea of Textures opens the door to limitless possibilities. At Classic Wall Works, we enjoy mixing different Texture Mediums to achieve distinctive and original Textured Finishes.

Many Textured Finishes on walls can bring the outside feel into your home. Some can be made to replicate Old World looks and feels, like an Old Tuscany Broken Plaster, or an aged French Country Kitchen that has been redone over and over for centuries. Combining different mediums like SandStone, Plaster Products, Venetian Plaster, Quartzstone, Plaster Tex, Fresco, Mica Powders and even Wax into multi-layered finishes give the artist the ability to creative whatever the imagination desires.

Texture Products can also be incorporated in the creation of Faux Stone in the form of Tiles, Slate, Tumbled Stone as well as rough cut pieces of stone for wall accents. Once again, imagination and ability are the limiting factors.

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Samples are in the Process of getting put up, check back soon!
A simple Texture employing Venetian Plaster and SandStone that ends up being soft and smooth. A Bright and Fresh alternative for walls that can give a wide color range if needed for that Old World feel in NJ.
A mix of 2 different Textures allows a darker base to peak through a lighter Plaster. Allows that stone feeling to be applied to any comfortable den in a New Jersey home.
A semi-smooth SandStone Texture applicable to large surfaces as well as small. Old World feel that is much more organic and authentic than rolled on sand products commonly found in many homes.
An Old World SandStone Texture, relatively smooth to the touch, warmly rainwashed with Lime in warm tones.


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