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Venetian Plaster applications for home interiors.
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Venetian Plaster Application in New Jersey, NJ, New York, NY, Pennsylvania, PA
  Stenciling today is not what many may think or remember. Today's stenciling can take on many shapes, forms and designs. If your idea of stenciling is an old cliched kitchen border with boring repeated patterns, give it a little more thought. Free Form Designs. All over Patterns. Damask Stenciling. Patterned, Dimensional and Textured Stenciling. Embedded Stenciling. Wood Inlay Stenciling. Wall Stenciling replicating Old Regal Wallpaper. Stenciling can be applied in an infinite variety of ways, over an infinite variety of textures and surfaces. Any Faux Finish can accept a stencil. Textured finishes can accept a stencil. Stencils themselves can give you the textured finish and dimensional stencils are now gaining attention. Color patterns are limited only by the imagination and can be mixed to match any decor. From illusional wax resist stenciling, to soft faded "in-out" patterns, filigree and etching treatments, stenciling is rightfully gaining ground.

Available in NJ, NY and the Tri-State area, Classic Wall Works constantly strives to bring our clients the newest ideas and concepts in stenciling. Combined in Stried backgrounds or foregrounds, Stencils take on the look of classic Wallpaper patterns that have a unique look of hand applied artistry. Unlike wallpaper designs, hand painted all over patterns stenciled in Dining Rooms, Bathrooms and Kitchens have a varied un-mechanical look that is un mistakenly hand made. One of the unseen positive aspects of choosing a Stenciled Pattern over wallpaper is the ability for it to simply be painted over in time, with no need of a labor intensive and complicated removal process.

Please select a Stenciling example from the samples on the right and it's larger format and description will appear on the left with the text shown below.


A soft Faded Damask Stencil pattern. This is an all over pattern, covering the entire area reproducing classic wallpaper. Set on a Khaki background, glazed over in browns, this technique shows soft etching and faded lost and found edges. A great effect in a dining room in NJ.
Multi Colored Dimensionally Stenciled Rinceaux Fruit adds a beautiful accent over a mottled glazing.
Softly colored Crossed Garland stencils are applied over an Old World Stone background. This application adds aging and dimensionality. A great choice that adds an unique, random artistic touch that wallpaper can't match.
Filigree stencils made to appear as punched iron over a glazed background. This background is a sedate soft strie.
Stenciled Grape Leaves with an Old World Broken Wall effect give this finish a look of Tuscany.
Embossed Stencils can be made using a variety of materials and applied over and under a wide selection of colors and textures. These are Japanese Hydrangeas embossed with a plaster material, intermixed with paper and metallic glazes.
A sophisticated metallic blue base with a dropshadow all over stencil in Champaign Metallic. A great bathroom finish.
Metallic Green is used in this example. The Oriental Brush strokes Stencil shows a 3D quality depth.
Stencils applied in random patterns can achieve all sorts of effects. Here are simple Stenciled Pears applied over a softly glazed background. A nice accent in a glazed Kitchen.
Textured and toned Sandstone with an Entwined Trellis in Gold Glazes.
Leather Red with embedded colors give a burnt look to the base and Gold Accents. A gold plaster material was applied in a geometric pattern for an appealing effect.


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