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Venetian Plaster applications for home interiors.
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Venetian Plaster Application in New Jersey, NJ, New York, NY, Pennsylvania, PA
  The Old World beauty and elegance of Venetian Plaster. Timeless. Regal. Sophisticated. These are just a few ways to describe Venetian Plaster, a finishing technique that has few rivals. Ideal areas for Venetian Plaster includes kitchens, powder rooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms. However, the best way to describe Venetian Plaster in it's many forms and styles is to actually touch it, feel it, and enjoy it's visual depth in your own home or business in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

The Piece de Resistance of finishes, few applications that one chooses for interior walls can match the polish and exquisiteness of Venetian Plaster. Traditional and authentic European Venetian Plasters, referred to as Italian Plaster, Venetian Plaster or Decorative Stucco, are a composition of natural slaked lime, marble dust and water. Many traditional Venetian Plasters use natural pigments, thus being available mostly in an earth tone range of color and not able to be as intense in color as synthetic forms of Venetian Plaster. These Venetian Plasters calcify upon oxidation with air when applied, returning to their natural limestone state. When applied in thin layers, Venetian Plaster can be burnished to a smooth, reflective, marble like finish.

Modern synthetic Venetian Plasters, with the addition of polymers and resins are often used and come in a wider range of colors, as well as variants of what is considered Traditional Venetian Plaster. Some of these products can add an interesting twist on design concepts when considering Venetian Type Plaster finishes.

At Classic Wall Works in Central New Jersey NJ, we look at Venetian Plaster and other forms of plaster application as an art form. We not only apply Venetian Plaster in it's traditional manner and style, but create new and exciting looks with a variety of techniques and methods. Using 2 or more colors of Venetian Plaster, interlocking them and using combinations of translucent and opaque plasters, adding wax to plaster, interlacing metallic powders into layers, combining textured products with Venetian Plaster products to make unique finishes. These are just a few of the varieties of Venetian Plaster applications that Classic Wall Works excels in. We strive to create Venetian Plaster finishes that are organic and natural in visual movement, not with contrived mechanical looks. Design concepts we often use include the application of Venetian Plaster and Plaster products to a large variety of surfaces. Columns, Panels, Counter Tops, Doors....the possibilities are endless. Creativity and Imagination is the key.

In the samples below are many variants of Venetian Plaster and Plaster applications. Please browse through them and their descriptions. Imagine any one of them bringing Old World Elegance into Bathroom or Powder Room. Getting that feel of Tuscany in your Kitchen. Or adding Old or New Stone Wall feel in your Bedroom or Den. Many styles are shown here, and always is all custom made and colors, layers, technique and texture are all adjustable to make your particular finish unique and spectacular.

Please select a Venetian Plaster example from the samples on the right and it's larger format and description will appear on the left with the text shown below.


Venetian Plaster in an opaque state. When non translucent, the color is fairly solid. Transparency is at the realm of the trowel so to speak. On its own, this Venetian Plaster takes it's forward stance, and is able to work it's visual nuance in the depth of layers of application and any topcoats.
Tinted wax softly applied to the above Venetian Plaster helps bring out the nuance of layers to this classic NJ Faux Finish, perfect for Old World Bathroom looks.
Applying tinted wax aggressively adds age and depth to a popular opaque hand troweled Venetian Plaster in New Jersey and New York.
Italian Plasters, Venetian Plasters and Decorative Stuccos can be nudged in color shifts with the addition of stains, adding to the Old World look and feel.
Combining several shades of Venetian Plaster in micro thin layers begins to change the feel and depth of this Italian Plaster. Adding wax adds a soft silky feel to this stylish finish in any kitchen or living room in NJ homes.
A multi-layered and multi-colored Venetian Plaster Finish. Tans, beiges, purples and whites, all in varying degrees of translucence makes for a stunning deep finish that can never be achieved with glazes. Classic Wall Works excels at this unique technique in NY, NJ, and PA.
Tans and Whites, solids and translucent give the Venetian Plaster an impression of depth and texture that is actually extremely smooth to the touch despite its Old World European look. The organic visual element is strong in this NJ Venetian Plaster.
Shades of Sage and Tan randomly applied makes this Venetian Plaster extremely popular in green toned NJ rooms.
Using Multiple layers and mediums make for a very rich and sophisticated Venetian Plaster. The depth of this finish is stunning with its addition of not only gold plaster layers but organic embedded layers.
A nice example of the color ranges that can be easily achieved with Venetian Plaster. Whites and Sky blues intermixed giving that Caribbean look and feel to this Venetian Plaster. Applicable to ceilings in NJ, PA and NY.
A semi metallic Venetian Plaster, softly shimmers as you move through the room. A great suede look and when applied loosely actually has a suede feel to the touch.
Sky hues in metallic Venetian Plaster. Great for that cool look and feel in a bedroom or bath anywhere in NJ.
Texture and Metallic Plasters can make a striking finish. With just a small amount of actual texture the visual depth in this Textured Venetian Plaster is incredibly deep.
Texture and Metallic Plasters can make a striking finish. The style of the base layer adds a delicate element under the soft and reflective Metallic Venetian Plaster.
Solid Dark Venetian Plaster with metallic additions. A great concept for columns in New Jersey.
Multiple mediums create an impressive look. This Venetian Plaster example starts with the deep textured building of rough cut stone, then is waxed and toned with metallic gold.
The Deep Emerald greens in this Venetian Paster makes for an almost serpentine stone quality. Burnished to a high sheen this Italian Plaster is ideal for columns, mantels and countertops as well as walls.
Emerald Green Venetian Plaster with an injection of Gold. Incredibly this Plaster is glass smooth to the touch. It is the artists application method that brings out the texture. Can a wall in NJ be any more regal?
Deep Blue Venetian Plaster intertwined with metallics, and trowelled into a snakeskin type finish. There is a large amount of control possible over the trowel and chatter that is created with its proper use. One of the things that is important when selecting a Plaster Company.
A beautiful opaque Amethyst colored Venetian Plaster shows how deep in color synthetic Plasters can be. In the hand of a skilled craftsman, the tiny variants in layers gives a foothold to golden laced wax. Bold and showy.
Earth tones in Venetian Plaster that lean towards eggplants and sage. Intertwined and mixed with a bit of gold. A nice variation for deeper toned ideas in Bathrooms and Dens in New Jersey or NY.
Blues, Tans and Silver, a different and simmering Venetian Plaster variant. Think of it on ceilings.
Sky Blues, Whites and Creams are blended and layered together to achieve a bright Old World Fresco Venetian Plaster feel. The Chaulky look and feel of Ovills Plaster is an interesting form of Italian Plaster that can be used in a variety of ways. Think of it on ceilings.
Maroon Plaster mixed with Oranges and Creams helps show how any color can be achieved to go with any decor. This finish would make a great impact on a NJ fireplace wall with it's deep maroon base.
Plaster as tile! Utilized correctly, plaster can achieve the look and feel of tile on walls in an infinite range of colors, shapes and textures. Exposed bricks, Limestone, Tile, Faux Stone Walls, whatever the imagination can come up with. This is just a small example of what can be done.


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